belkıs hakkında

Zeugma Ancient City lies on the coast of Fırat river in Belkıs village that lies 10 km east of Gaziantep City/Nizip Town. It is a settlement since pre historic ages. This is an important point for settlement for it lies on one of two points where the river Fırat can easily be passed. Also Zeugma means “Bridgehead” or “Ford”. The city was an important commercial city in Hellenistic era. Its importance increased after the city fell under command of Roman Empire and a military trop called “IV. Legion” settled here.

Arts and culture advanced depending on the advance of trade in Zeugma. It is understood that since the Silk Road that lies between Antakya and China and a trade is made via river from Samsat, and the IV Garrison settled here, all the traders settled here and built their villas on terraces with a sight of Fırat River. There should have been an advanced border trade and in line with this a great customs Office.  Finding of 65,000 seal impression in an archives room on a hill called İskeleüstü supports this opinion. These seal impressions that were used in sealing of papirus, parchment, Money bags and customs bundles show that there was both a strong communication web and an advanced trade in Zeugma.

As an important wanderer/historian of ancient times, Strabon of Amasya statest that this place was one of four important cities of Kommagene and there was trade here. The city is conquered by Romans in 64 A.D. and its name is changed as ZEUGMA that means “ford” or “bridgehead”. In 256 A.D. Shapur, the king of Sasanids conquers Belkıs/Zeugma, and an important damage was cast on the city. After this time, the city has never become same as before and has never reached its glory in Roman times. In the city and its region, Rome prevails in 4th century A.D. and Byzantine in 5-6 century. As a result of Arabic raids in 7th century, Belkıs/Zeugma was evacuated. Between 10th and 12th centuries, a small Abbasid settlement can be seen and in 17th century Belkıs Village is established here.


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